4 Tools to Upgrade ChatGPT (Free AI Tools)

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ChatGPT is obviously very powerful, but what if you could make it even better?

These 4 free AI tools do just that. The best part is they don't cost any money. Two tools are going viral, with their search volume going from 0 to 100,000 searches per month.

Let's look at these ChatGPT alternatives and ChatGPT extensions so you can find the best ones for you.

1. ChatGPT Playground

When ChatGPT is not loading, did you know you can just go to ChatGPT Playground instead? This is always working when ChatGPT is at capacity so just go here when you need a workaround. The user interface is a little bit different because it has advanced features on the side of the page, but it still works the same way.

2. Notion Ai

Notion launched an Ai writing tool that comes with free daily credits, or a paid plan with unlimited words for $10/month. If you're not familiar with Notion, it's a widely popular note-taking app with over 30 million users. By clicking its "Ask Ai" button you can do anything like brainstorm ideas, compose lengthy blog posts, condense text, edit content, and much more.

3. Perplexity Ai

Perplexity is an Ai search engine that has exploded in popularity because it delivers fast and accurate information when you browse the web. It works similarly to Google Search, but instead of providing a list of pages to sift through, it scans the top ranking pages and provides a summarized answer to your query. Not only does it save you time, but it also provides citations so you can easily verify the source of the information. Additionally, you can ask follow-up questions to dive deeper into a topic, making it a great tool for product reviews or researching new subjects.

4. Suggesty

Do you want to get instant answers while browsing Google? That is exactly what Suggesty Ai can do for you. It's a free Chrome Extension that displays the GPT3 answer on the top of your Google search results. This tool is especially helpful for finding recipes, workout ideas, and quick answers to simple questions. Suggesty is an awesome Ai browser extension that will make Google more powerful and help you get information faster.

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