TextCortex Review: An Affordable AI Writing Assistant

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With dozens of AI writing tools popping up, there are many to choose from. However, the most popular choices like Jasper AI and Rytr also have the highest monthly fees.

In this post, I'll be reviewing TextCortex AI, which seems to be an affordable, yet effective, alternative to expensive artificial intelligence tools.

What Is TextCortex AI?

TextCortex is an AI writing companion designed to help you create any type of content from blog posts to product descriptions to compelling emails.

It offers a browser extension, Creator Suite, and 60+ templates, helping you generate content in 20 different languages for tons of different use cases. It also offers a pretty good Free Plan where you can access the key features and get 10 free credits per day.

You can watch my video walkthrough below:

Who Is It For?

TextCortex is similar to other AI writing companions in the fact that it can be used by anyone from students to copywriters to business owners. Whether you want to improve your writing skills, generate ideas for ads, create long-form content, or save time, it fits many use cases.

You can interact with the software in different ways. For example, you can find inspiration with their 60+ AI templates or just get started with a blank canvas. Plus, they offer both a Chrome extension and web app allowing you to write anywhere.

TextCortex has all the writing features you need to craft professional content, and it's more affordable than some of the other tools on the market.

How It Works

Browser Extension

The TextCortex browser extension helps you rephrase and rewrite sentences on nearly any web page. After installing the extension, you can highlight text and then a toolbar with editing features will automatically pop up. It's integrated with 1,000+ websites including Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, Notion, and many more.

The extension is free to install and offers 10 free creations per day. It doesn't ask for a credit card either so it's very easy to try it for yourself.

The Toolbar

TextCortex Toolbar

The Toolbar that you see above is where all the magic happens. This bar is how you will interact and edit with the browser extension. When you highlight some text, the toolbar will automatically pop up underneath your text and give you a variety of editing options. There are 10 buttons total:

  • 1. Zeno Mode: Provide instructions and it will write something from scratch
  • 2. Bullet Point To Email: Transform a bullet list into an engaging email
  • 3. Long-Form Post: Highlight a title to turn it into a full paragraph
  • 4. Rewrite: Improve a sentence or paragraph
  • 5. Expand: Make a sentence or paragraph longer
  • 6. Completion: Let TextCortex finish your sentence or paragraph
  • 7. Translate: Convert text into 20+ languages (!!)
  • 8. Text-To-Speech: Play text out loud (free feature)
  • 9. Summarize: Condense your texts down to the core message
  • 10. Tone: Choose from 13 different writing styles (cheerful, detailed, formal, concise, warm, blunt, urgent, & more)

For me personally, the "Rewrite" and "Summarize" are the most used functions. The Text-To-Speech is also interesting if you want to read out your own documents or just start listening to blog posts or content from around the web.

Creator Suite

TextCortex Editor

Alongside the browser extension is the web editor which they call the "Creator Suite." This works great in tandem with the extension but also provides additional editing tools and customizations.

  • When you highlight text, the Toolbar will appear if you have the extension installed.
  • The dropdown lets you select dozens of templates like Product Descriptions, Support Emails, and YouTube Description Generators. The template you choose will change the entire right side of the screen (more below).
  • Select your text length which starts at 200 words
  • Creativity & Languages: Choose the AI's creativity level from Low, Medium, High, or Default. Then, below that you also have 20+ languages you can select.

60+ Templates

TextCortex Templates

If you don't want to write from scratch, the software provides 60+ customized templates to help with any creation like eCommerce websites, blogs, customer support, product descriptions, creative content, sales pages, and more.

  • 1. Generate Descriptions for Products
  • 2. Fix Writing Block
  • 3. Blog Post Writer
  • 4. Paraphrasing Tool
  • 5. Instagram Caption Generator
  • 6. Marketing Copy Generator
  • 7. Facebook Ad Copy Generator
  • 8. Support Email Generator

You can select a template from either the main dashboard or by clicking the dropdown menu inside the editor page. Each template will have its own custom inputs which you can see in the examples below.

TextCortex Template Examples


TextCortex - Rewrite section

Inside the web app, there is another section that is separate from the Creator Suite called "Rewrite." This has a different interface which you can see above, offering features related to paraphrasing, rewriting, and expanding texts.

On the left side, you can write or paste text. Then select any of the outputs ranging from "Rewrite", "Fluency", "Tone Changer", "Simple", "Creative", etc. 

Other Features

Most of the magic will happen with the extension and web editor, but TextCortex also offers other tools. Even though these aren't core features, I thought I should mention them:

  • Free Online Tools: On the website, you can find a Free Paraphrasing Tool, Free Summarization Tool, and Free YouTube Description Tool.
  • Rewards Section: Complete random tasks to earn free credits. Example, "submit a video testimonial" to get the $79.99 plan free for one month.
  • Shopify Integration: "Product Description Generator" available for free in the Shopfiy App Store.


TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex's paid plans start at $24.99 and has unlimited credits. On the other hand, Jasper AI is $29.99 with a 20,000 word limit - and the price can easily go up to hundreds of dollars per month as you add more words. Rytr starts at $9/month with a cap of 100,000 characters. You can get unlimited characters for $29.99/month, just $5 more than TextCortex.

When it comes to pricing, TextCortex is very competitive, especially if you will be writing 20,000+ words per month. The Free Plan is also pretty good with 10 free creations per day, no credit card required.

What Do Customers Think?

I headed to Reddit, G2, the Chrome Web Store, and other online review websites to see what users are saying about TextCortex. While there are tons of reviews, I grabbed the ones that summarize what most people were thinking (it was very positive overall).

  • One user on Capterra wrote, "I loved the price rate which is much cheaper than Article Forge and other AI Content Generators."
  • Another user on G2 wrote, "It is better than Copy AI in terms of creating content that is relevant to the topic and the context. I've used a couple of AI writers and this is my best."
  • "The quality of the output tends to be better than other AI Assistants, mainly because you can control the creativity of the AI. For example, setting a low score allows writing better articles when you need research and data."
  •  On the Chrome Web Store a user said, "It allows me to quickly and efficiently rewrite any text, transforming it into something new and original. The AI understands the context of the original passage and is able to accurately make changes while preserving the meaning and message."
  • On the downsides, a few user's are complaining about the text quality: "content quality isn't as good as Article Forge" and another said "Sometimes texts are way off and it's frustrating to spend credits on stuff that doesn't work."
  • "It was a little clunky to get used to on the first attempt" and "the layout of the site is initially a little overwhelming."

Overall, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Most people say that TextCortex is a smart and effective AI writing tool that is competitively priced. The few complaints mention that it's a little confusing at first and sometimes you spend credits on texts that aren't useful.


  • Good Free Trial: 10 free creations per day with no credit card required
  • Affordable Paid Plans: Get UNLIMITED credits on the lowest $24.99 plan. If you write a lot, this is much cheaper than most AI writing tools like Jasper, Rytr, etc.
  • 1,000+ Integrations: Extension works on WordPress, Gmail, Notion, Docs, and loads of websites
  • Powerful Editor: The "Toolbar" gives you 10 editing features (translations, rewriting, summarizations, tones, text-to-speech, & more)


  • Word Limits: There is a 200-300 word limit on each creation, even if you have the most expensive plan. They probably do this because each plan has unlimited credits so it will slow down long form content generation.
  • Learning Curve: Some reviews say it can be overwhelming at first, although I think it's pretty user-friendly and easy.
  • Access to Features: Like all software plans, some really good templates and features are unavailable on the $24.99 plan. You will need to spend a lot more, $79.99/month, to get Zeno Mode (personal writing assistant) and other specific features.

Bottom Line: Is Text Cortex Worth It?

The bottom line is Text Cortex is a great AI tool if you're looking for an affordable writing assistant with similar features and templates to Jasper AI and Rytr. 

The starting plan is $24.99/month with unlimited credits but they have a $0/month plan where you can get 10 creations per day. On the free version, you get access to most features so I recommend trying that first to see if you like it.

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