4 Ai Tools for YouTubers (VidIQ Ai Coach Review)

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VidIQ is a software and Chrome Extension for YouTubers used by millions of creators.

They rolled out an AI coach for YouTubers and three other AI features to help creators get more views, save time, and grow their YouTube channel.

VidIQ's Ai Features

1. Ai Title Recommendations

When you log into the VidIQ dashboard, you will see the first AI tool here which is the title recommendations. You enter your keywords and it generates title ideas. This can also be done inside your YouTube Studio by installing the VidIQ Chrome extension.

2. Ai Description Generator

Inside the YouTube Studio, the AI description generator lets you add keywords in order to create a video description. You can add up to 100 characters and generate three different outputs.

3. Daily Video Ideas

This feature gives you customized ideas every day that are personalized to your channel. The more you use this feature, the more the AI learns what you like and it will give you better ideas over time. The suggestions are also based on actual keyword volume.

4. VidIQ Ai Coach

The VidIQ Ai coach is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT but trained specifically to help YouTubers. You can ask it for advice, write a script, outline, brainstorm video ideas based on actual data and search volume, and even fix your YouTube channel.


VidIQ has a free plan but the Ai features will require an investment. You can start with the Pro membership for $10 a month which will give you 10 daily video ideas powered by AI keyword research and all the other non-AI features. The Boost plan is $49 a month and gives you 50 daily video ideas with the AI and all the other features.

My Take

The daily video ideas and the AI title recommendations are the best AI features. The daily ideas are personalized to your channel and gets better at recommending ideas over time.

The AI coach is not as good as ChatGPT, but it's still in its alpha release phase and will only get better. Lastly, the description generator didn't provide much value to me personally.

Overall, VidIQ is a really good tool especially for the daily video ideas and Ai title recommendations. Plus, you also get the non-Ai features as well like keyword research, SEO optimization, competitor analysis, and much more. I think this tool is a no-brainer for people who want to take YouTube seriously.

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